Month: October 2017

Why Robert Mueller is the most powerful man in Washington

Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller’s one-two punch on Monday sent a forceful message to President Donald Trump, the public and potential suspects about the case he is constructing of Trump associates’ involvement with Russia during the 2016...

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Trump 'seething' as Mueller probe reaches former aides

The dramatic intensification of the Russia investigation on Monday reignited President Donald Trump’s fury at the controversy clouding his presidency, prompting his aides to urgently advise him against lashing out at special counsel Robert Mueller as they work to revive a halting policy...

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Manafort's role: Trump's delegate whisperer

Paul Manafort was brought on to Donald Trump’s campaign team in March 2016 for a specific purpose: Securing Trump the Republican nomination amid an insurrection from delegates and the possibility of a contested...

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